Why do people continue to flee Iran?

Write of Asylum presents playwright and academic, Dr Mammad Aidani, in conversation:

2-4pm on Saturday 4 June

Conference Room, Footscray Library
56 Paisley Street, Footscray

Admission is free.

Popular narratives around Iranian people seeking asylum in Australia are often ill-informed and reductive. Dr Aidani offers an opportunity to understand some of the background to the events of Iran’s 1979 revolution, its aftermath, the effects on creatives and why ongoing repression is causing people to continue flee Iran today.

This conversation with Janet Galbraith and Dr Aidani will be followed by plenty of time for audience questions.

Dr Mammad Aidani is a playwright, writer, academic and philosopher. He fled Iran soon after the 1979 Revolution. He says: ‘I lost my city of birth, which is on the border with Iraq, during the the war between Iran and Iraq when Saddam Hussein ordered his army to invade Iran’. Dr Aidani now lives and works in exile in Australia. His interest in narratives of exile, trauma and belonging recur in his literary works as does his passion around creating understanding through relationship, creative process and critical analysis.

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